About NPI Staff

Principal Associates Of the National Political Index

Publisher Denis L. Hemmerle's avocation for the past 29 years has been the study of national political movements which has included organizational structure, communications, donor and activist location, shepherding, and business aspects. After his resignation as president of a small university in 1989, he began developing internet political activist communication methodology. In 1992, he was elected California's communication coordinator for one of the major U.S. Presidential candidates. He assembled and paid for the communication network for 45,000 California activists. Beginning late 1992, he became involved full-time in issues campaigns. He founded the National Political Index in 1993. He received his LLB in 1965 and his JD in 1967, both from Ohio State University.

Vince Klein, Chief Technology Officer, has 28 years computer experience, being involved for the past 7 years with the Internet and working in association with Hemmerle, founded the National Political Index. Klein is an experienced desk top publisher, designer, hyper-text mark-up language (HTML) coder, and common gateway interface (CGI) coder. Klein designed a document control network which analyzed and tracked in excess of 1,000,000 legal documents to support complex litigation. As a public service, in 1990 he specified, installed, and programmed a computerized voice messaging system for Desert Storm troops and their families. Klein received his B.S. in Physics from the University of California at Berkeley in 1974.

John D 'Amato, Editor-in-Chief, created and published a major commercial real estate magazine which he sold to Ziff Davis in 1979. Shortly thereafter, D 'Amato purchased and then published a weekly newspaper. In 1985, D 'Amato became Managing Editor for Crittenden Publishing, which was brought on-line by CompuServe. Since 1989, D 'Amato has been involved with a major political direct mail house and political Internet activities. Since 1992, D 'Amato has been associated with Hemmerle. D 'Amato is very knowledgeable about web site design and web site data base management. D 'Amato received his B.A. from New York University in 1960.

Greg Quinones, has handled Hemmerle's internal data processing and general computer trouble-shooting for the past 16 years. Quinones' primary strength lies in his extraordinary ability to search for, identify and report bugs in computer programs. Quinones has worked for several well-known computer software companies, including: WordStar, Microsoft, Symantec and Flipside.com (a subsidiary of Havas International & Vivendi Universal). In June of 2000, Quinones graciously donated one of his kidney's to a co-worker.

Leonard H. Barker, Chief Logistics Officer, has been associated with Hemmerle since 1966, supervising tax, legal, accounting, personnel, and office management, as to nearly all of Hemmerle's enterprises.

3500 Webmasters were asked to comment on the National Political Index. About 400 made suggestions which are now included. In a very real way this virtual staff produced our format.