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11. State Initiatives and Referenda (2)

"Ernest Goes to Washington"

"Not voting is like protesting by not showing up"
- Al Shugart
     The "None of the Above Election Reform Act" would allow voters to vote for 'None of the Above' in all state and federal elections, except for Supreme Court and appellate justices. Votes for ‘none of the above’ in California will be tallied and listed in official election results, but only votes for named candidates will count for purposes of determining the election result.
     "None of the Above" is the brainchild of computer industry icon, Al Shugart. Known as a maverick, computer pioneer, and disk drive king, Shugart is renowned for his unconventional thinking and straightforward manner.
A School Voucher Initiative

In June, LocalChoice2000, received a very politically charged Title and Summary from Attorney General Bill Lockyer. In response to the Attorney General's Title and Summary, Tim Draper sent this letter to his office on July 23rd, 1999.

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